AC Coin and Slot – Slingo Bonus Surprise™

Slingo Bonus Surprise™AC Coin and Slot utilises the fast action game-play of Slingo® in its new Slingo Bonus Surprise™ slot game. The 5-reel 20-line land-based game features double-bonusing and includes progressive capability. There are numerous Slingo® themes combining bingo, slots and trivia, optimised for online, iTV and land-based mediums. The games are widely recognised for a frequent occurrence of bonus events and Slingo, Inc. have recorded a total of over 3.3 billion games played.

Slingo Bonus Surprise™ combines IGT’s Double Jackpot 7s® pay-table with two exciting and entertaining scatter pay bonus events.The base game features AC Coin and Slot’s Quick Hit feature, which drives increased coin-in with a bonus event triggered approximately every 7 spins. The feature is initiated with the appearance of two scattered bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 or 4. Maximum bet is required for players to be eligible for this bonus event.

The Double Bonus event is triggered with the appearance of three bonus symbols on any Max Bet line and occurs approximately every 64 spins. Once in the feature, the bonus award card begins to flash and players press a button at a specific time to determine an award of between 8 and 16 bonus spins.

These bonus spins occur on five video reels that are located under the five columns of the Slingo game-card. Spinning a reel can create a Spot Hit with a matching number, a Joker, or a Slingo. Players are awarded credits for each spot hit and additional credits for hitting a Slingo, where all numbers in a column, row or diagonal are covered.

The bonus games are prominently featured on a 42” high-definition LCD display, which can be encompassed into one of the AC Coin’s energetic display signs.

Jason Seelig, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing for AC Coin & Slot, said, “Our Quick Hit math model has swiftly become a player favourite with the instant gratification of an engaging bonus approximately every seven handle pulls plus the wow factor of a second, even bigger, bonusing event.”