Advantech-Innocore reports successful ICE show

  • 5th March 2015 | Taipei, TW
  • Advantech-InnocoreAdvantech-Innocore reports a hugely successful ICE 2015 trade show in London last month where it presented its range of embedded computer components for the gaming industry.

    There was a lot of customer interest in the Company’s newest product range, especially the DPX®-S435, DPX®-S1435 and DPX®-E130. The growing range of display products from Advantech Display Solutions (ADS) also garnered much interest. ADS is a new product division formed when GPEG International joined Advantech last year and brings gaming industry customers specialised monitor and display solutions.

    Advantech-Innocore“ICE 2015 was a hugely successful show for us,” expressed Edward Price, Advantech-Innocore Managing Director. “We hosted visits from several of our key customers from the USA as well as Asia and Europe, even Latin America. Our wide selection of approved gaming platforms and associated products mean those customers can select our products with confidence that their end product will pass the regulatory requirements in any international market.”

    The DPX-S435 is the first Intel® Xeon® capable single board integrated solution with a full feature set of I/O, COMs, storage and advanced security designed for the gaming industry. The DPX-S1435 extends the popular DPX-S series range being a full system-level computer platform with custom logic box enclosure and incorporates the high performance of the DPX-S435 motherboard with the convenience of the new DPX-S1000 enclosure. It also has a card slot bay for a PCI-Express graphics card and quick release carrier with shock mounting for solid state disk or hard drive.

    AdvantechDesigned specifically for the revised Italian AWP3 regulations, the DPX-E130 is a complete gaming solution based on the AMD G-Series embedded chipset. It is designed to be low power, high performance with a 5-year life cycle, at a very competitive price. Although designed primarily for the Italian gaming market, Advantech-Innocore is finding the product’s feature set and low cost make it ideal for other markets where key requirements are similar, with low cost and mid-level performance with robust reliability and security features.

    About Advantech-Innocore
    Advantech-Innocore is a leader in embedded computer products for the gaming industry. The company designs, manufactures and sells technologically advanced PC products tailored to the specific needs of the gaming industry. With a large installed base worldwide, the DPX® range of products is proven in the harshest environments.

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