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  • Bally Technologies | 10th September, 2013 | Las Vegas, NV | Bally Innovation – Video
  • BallyWhen the doors open at the Global Gaming Expo’s exhibit hall on Tuesday, September 24, visitors to Bally G2E 2013 Booth #1127 will see firsthand how Bally connects the entire gaming world through cross-platform solutions that give casinos a single view of their player in the casino, on the go, and at home.

    In Bally’s expansive 15,300-sqft exhibit, casino operators will learn how Bally connects players through floor-wide systems-based promotions and tournaments that generate thrills, and they’ll see new world-class licensed branded games Titanic™, The Magic of David Copperfield™, and ZZ Top Live from Texas™ that make a connection with players.Bally Technologies - Your Partner In InnovationRamesh Srinivasan, Bally President & CEO, commented: “We will showcase a tremendous amount of new content as we continue to see the results of our commitment to R&D across games products, systems, and interactive technology. In the past four years Bally has earned more than 60 awards for innovation. We believe our new brands, platforms, and ability to provide a single view of the player will continue that trend.”

    Derik Mooberry, Senior VP of Games, added: “We will showcase a diverse lineup of new games for our global casino customer-partners. Some of the exciting new features include more than 10 new play mechanics, three new licensed brands, and two trailblazing new cabinets which make this an especially exciting time for the company.”

    Titanic™Games That Connect With Your Players…

    Bally’s brand new and exciting Titanic™ video slots deliver a fully interactive and cinematic experience centered on the iconic star-crossed lovers from James Cameron’s motion picture of the same name, one of the highest-grossing films in history.

    Featuring scenes from the film and music from the blockbuster phenomenon, Titanic integrates many of Bally’s proven play mechanics, three mystery features, and a wide-area progressive top award.

    The main attraction U-Spin™ Bonus Wheel, resembling a ship’s helm, awards credits as well as one guaranteed feature – Heart of the Ocean Free Games, Make It Count Free Games, or The Safe Bonus.

    The Magic of David Copperfield video slots delivers an extraordinary experience with the world’s greatest illusionist, featuring Mystery Wild Reels™, Magic Mystery Wilds™ and a life-changing wide-area progressive top award. Magical bonuses are unleashed through the “Death Saw”, which awards credits, the progressive jackpot, Flying Free Games, or Levitation Free Games showing incredible video of illusions from Copperfield’s legendary performances.

    David CopperfieldClassic rock meets modern slot play as the famous American blues-rock trio delivers a host of bonuses, play mechanics and progressives in ZZ Top Live from Texas. The game awards Just Got Paid mystery credit prizes or wheel spins to win credits or one of three free-games bonuses − Live from Texas, Sharp Dressed Man, or Cheap Sunglasses. Three any-bet progressives add to the excitement. ZZ Top Live from Texas headlines some of the band’s greatest hits, including Sharp Dressed Man, Cheap Sunglasses, Just Got Paid, Legs, and Gimme All Your Lovin’, as well as loads of concert footage that will keep players rockin’.

    Rizzo, Frenchy, Marty and Jan deliver the power of “pink” in Grease™ Pink Ladies™, an all singing and dancing adventure back to the 1950s at Rydell High School, featured in the hotly anticipated sequel to Bally’s Grease video slot game. Grease Pink Ladies features three bonus experiences, random wilds, multipliers, and a gigantic top award. Players experience the Pink Rules, Hand Jive Kisses, and Frenchy Heartbreaker bonuses, complete with clips and music from the 1978 film.

    New and Proven Platforms Connect Exciting Gameplay with New Play Mechanics…

    Bally’s game portfolio for the Pro Series™ cabinets again expands as Bally unveils a host of new games featuring engaging play mechanics, clever themes, and animated graphics that deliver an exceptional play experience. More than 260 games and over 10 new play mechanics from the series will be revealed at G2E for the global Class 3, Class 2, central determination, lottery, and video-lottery markets. Taking centre stage at the show are two new additions to Bally’s Pro Series™ cabinet family – ALPHA 2™ Pro Series™ Wave with the industry’s first 40″ concave LCD, and the Pro V55 Jumbo platform, a 9ft stunner with 55″ vertical touchscreen display.

    Pro Series™ WaveBally Systems Connect Players to Excitement, Rewards, and Faster Service…

    At G2E 2013, Bally showcases a variety of its advanced systems solutions that not only increase revenue operating efficiencies and drive floor-wide excitement, but connect players to rewards and promotions through multiple channels – land based, online and mobile.

    Bally Enterprise Progressive System™ Lets Casinos Easily Manage Progressives…

    A highlight is Bally Enterprise Progressive System™ (BEPS), enabling casinos to manage and audit progressives from one central location. Secure and robust, BEPS is perfect for replacing or consolidating existing progressive system and controllers into one system.

    Continued Excitement with Elite Bonusing Suite™ (EBS)…

    Adding excitement and activity to Bally’s Systems exhibit will be the award-winning Elite Bonusing Suite, including Virtual Racing™, Virtual Racing NASCAR®, and DM Tournaments™, which have powered five world record-setting events. At this year’s show, Bally unveils a new addition to its EBS portfolio − Bonus Tournaments™. This pioneering DM Tournaments feature enables casinos to run floor-wide tournaments in which both the base game and the tournament game can be played at the same time, ensuring that there is no interruption in player-wagering activity.

    Super Slotline™ Puts Advanced Applications on Legacy Networks…

    Before the pioneering Super Slotline, casinos with serial floors were unable to use advanced technology such as iVIEW Display Manager™ (DM) and EBS to run powerful, floor-wide promotions and events that drive increased coin-in, new player’s club registrations, tremendous player excitement, and even power world records. At G2E, casino operators with legacy networks will see first-hand how they can easily convert to high-speed Ethernet networked floors that enable the use of the latest in powerful floor-wide technologies.

    Service Tracking Manager™ Improves Patron Service via Mobile Interface…

    Visitors to Bally’s exhibit will get hands-on experience with Service Tracking Manager™ (STM), a leading-edge automated dispatch system that interfaces with handheld smart devices such as the iPhone® and iPad® for faster routing of casino floor personnel to patrons. At G2E, the new STM features on display will include Jackpot Processing, which enables casino staff to verify and redeem jackpots at the machine. Also new, the Patron Registration feature allows casino staff to register new players on the floor by scanning their ID and giving them a players-club card instantly.

    Bally Interactive Connects Players to Casino at Home, Work, and on the Go…

    Bally’s iGaming and mobile solutions are designed to give casinos a single view of the player across online, mobile, and traditional brick-and-mortar gaming platforms and provide complete cross-platform gaming experience for both free play and wagering. At G2E 2013, Bally will showcase its full suite of interactive solutions for enhanced cross-platform bonusing, player tracking, and business intelligence; the Bally iGaming Platform for Internet and mobile casinos; and the Bally Mobile Platform for concierge casino apps and mobile websites.

    Casino operators will experience Bally’s open iGaming Platform, which enables casinos to choose from best-of-breed play-for-free and wager-based poker, table games, video slots, bingo, and sports betting content from some of the most popular and proven content vendors in the industry, including more than 12 of Bally Technologies’ own popular and proven land-based games.

    Single View Connects Back-End System with Mobile, iGaming Platforms…

    At G2E, Bally executives will share their vision of the connected casino through the integration of Bally’s core casino systems and player-tracking systems with its secure and regulated cloud-based iGaming platform and mobile platform. This enables Bally to deliver a single view of the player at the casino, at home, online, or on the go, enabling casinos to view, track, reward, and communicate with their patrons regardless of which channel they are using to experience the casino.

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