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Bally Technologies iGaming Platform

Bally iGaming

  • Las Vegas, NV | Bally Interactive – Website
  • Bally’s iGaming Platform delivers the company’s internationally renowned gaming content to online providers. The platform allows casino operators to provide online, mobile and social free-to-play and wager-based gaming [READ]

    Bally Mobile Platform

    Bally Mobile

  • Bally Mobile – Website
  • Bally Technologies provides two distinct mobile solutions, external-facing apps for casino patrons and internal-facing apps for employees.

    Code Red™


  • Code Red™ – PDF
  • Bally’s Code Red™ video slot features the industry’s first 22” curved LCD display, capturing a reel-spinning slot machine on a video display.

    Command Center™


  • Bally Command Center™ – Video
  • Bally Command Center™ from Bally Technologies is a new technology that significantly expands casino floor possibilities. The application…

    Bally Technologies – DM Tournaments™


  • DM Tournaments™ – Video
  • Bally’s DM Tournaments™ player interface enables operators to change iVIEW Display Manager enabled terminals into tournament mode…

    Bally Technologies – Emerald Falls™ Penny Slot


  • Emerald Falls™ – video
  • Bally’s richly-themed Emerald Falls™ is set within a lavish green landscape. The 5-reel 50-line video slot game contains bonus features…

    Hammerhead™ Top-Box


  • Hammerhead™ Top-Box – Video
  • Hammerhead Top Box by Bally is the industry’s first jumbo 32” top-box with a Super Pointer that commands attention on any casino floor.

    Hot Spin™ featuring U-Spin™ play mechanic

    Bally Technologies Hot Spin™

  • Hot Spin™ – Video
  • Bally’s Hot Spin™ is a 3-reel 27-line video slot presented on the ALPHA Elite™ V32 and incorporates Bally’s innovative U-Spin™ technology…

    iVIEW Messaging™


  • iVIEW Messaging™ – Video
  • Bally Technologies brings a new innovation to the slot floor, this time in the form of targeted graphical messages directly to gaming terminals…