Serbia prepares for regulated Online Gaming

  • Online | 11th June, 2012 | Srbija, Serbia | AGP Serbia – Video
  • Serbia’s gaming trade association JAKTA reports progress to the country’s attempts to implement regulated online gaming.

    The Serbian government has said it is close to publishing a new draft concerning technical requirements for online gaming. It will also co-inside the draft with a tender for bids from state-appointed gaming test facilities.

    Online Gaming in SerbiaAn online gaming licensing regime was established late last year instigating a move against foreign operators accessing the Serbian market. The ISP on 70 black-listed foreign sites were banned in February this year, as unlicensed offshore sites offer a range of gambling services to Serbian players.

    Operators on the black-list included Betfair, Bwin, 888, Skybet and Ladbrokes.

    Aleksandar Vulović, Director of the Serbian Gaming Board, said, “We had to prevent access to illegal gambling in order to have a regulated market. Players who operate within the law and from within the state can reap benefits…

    …Currently the provision of games of chance via the internet is one of the most profitable industries and it is estimated that the revenue will double by 2013. It is simply wrong and no longer legal, that the state does not collect a penny of the millions circulating within this industry”.

    Mirjana Acimovic, President of JAKTA, said at the recent Belgrade Gaming Conference, “While Serbian operators are expecting new regulations regarding technical issues for online gaming, their regulators welcome this event for new ideas and best practices.”

    In related news, Serbia’s Association of Gambling Providers (AGP) are disputing a deal between online sports betting operator Sportingbet and the State Lottery of Serbia (SLS) Državna lutrija Srbije, saying it violates Serbian laws.

    AGP released the statement, “Existing laws are grossly violated, and local companies unfairly pushed aside. SLS has chosen a foreign partner, company of questionable reputation, in a completely non-transparent way without publicly open competition thus making it impossible for local companies to participate…

    “AGP expects that competent authorities will urgently stop the illegal business on the Internet, that the new government will review all contested actions and through consistent respect for the law ensure equal treatment of all participants of the market…

    “Also, we hope that Serbian citizens will be protected from the influence of foreign firms and a variety of interest groups with questionable reputation, and that equity will be protected because it is a basic condition for economic prosperity of every country…

    “Otherwise, there will be a complete breakdown of the domestic market which will only benefit certain interest groups at the expense of all citizens of Serbia.”

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