Ortiz Gaming introduced cabinet innovations at G2E

  • 20th October 2014 | Madrid, ES
  • Ortiz GamingOrtiz Gaming went to G2E 2014 with a new slogan “Raise Your Expectations” and related plan, launching high-tech products and features. On the largest G2E show floor in more than five years, Ortiz stood out amongst more than 450 international exhibitors on the first day with its “Amazing Unveiling” as part of the “Something Amazing will Happen at G2E” marketing campaign.

    Drawing a large audience with a theatrical production that included rock-star lighting, and video and audio queued confetti cannons, the unveiling was more than a standard product launch. Ortiz Gaming spokesman and senior consultant to the president, Gary Green, announced a variety of updates to the product line, including button changes to the Standard Cabinet.

    OrtizEvery product line update was thought out to generate more time-in-chair and increased slot performance, while maintaining customer comfort and engagement. The highlight of the event was when Ortiz Gaming Founder and Chairman, Alejandro Ortiz, President Maurilio Silva, and General Director Elaides Biazin uncloaked the statuesque O-Circle cabinet.

    O-Circle is a 42″ evolutionary curved display, reaching toward the sky and wrapping around the player for full immersion into the game. Using surround-sound and a larger than life curved screen to create a new gaming experience, this sky-scraping high-tech advancement was designed with player comfort and experience at its core.

    Geld on the company’s booth during the first day of the show, the Ortiz unveiling event described more than the new products and also included research presented about the math behind the slot machines, called the Ortiz Standard. This concept added depth to the stunning new cabinets, inviting a closer look from casino management.

    The booth featured games from the Ortiz 2014 collection and games set to be released in 2015, including international-favourite bingo-themed games, for which Ortiz Gaming is best known. Also featured were cabinets including the company’s the newly-unveiled O-Circle, O-Future, and Standard Cabinet. All three cabinets are very structurally distinct with unique features; yet are all built around customer comfort. O-Circle is about customer immersion in the game, O-Future is focused on high definition, and Standard Cabinet is the company’s classic cabinet, popular amongst customers.

    OrtizAnother big hit was the Sky Paper feature. Sky Paper goes ‘beyond bells and whistles’ to announce the jackpot winners with an exploding parade of multicolor confetti; as always this was an eye catcher. G2E attendees were welcomed to the booth by multi-coloured Sky Paper glitteringas demos of the machines showered attendees with confetti.

    But the true star of the show, beyond the game excitement, was the Ortiz Standard. The Ortiz Gaming Standard and business model is an evolution not just of games, but of the very thinking of revenue metrics. The innovation not only increases win per unit, but redefines the expectation of game average performance. This is done through the Ortiz Gaming unparalleled math generating more time-in-chair and increased coin-in.

    Ortiz recently released a white paper highlighting the sophisticated math that has already been the talk amongst industry pundits at the show. Experts have stated “a must read for slot executives”, explaining “the company has analyzed performance of its models in detailed math, reality based patron behavior and basic human psychology.” The Ortiz Gaming Standard adds fiscal substance in slot performance to the already beautiful cabinets, and game.

    Ortiz Gaming at G2E 2014:

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    Ortiz Gaming is a multinational developer of Electronic Slot and Bingo gaming machines. The Ortiz Gaming business model and standard is an evolution not just of games but of the very thinking of revenue metrics. The Ortiz Standard not only increases win per unit, but redefines the expectation of game average performance. Our gaming concepts are a proven model in more than 14 countries, encompassing North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

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