Konami cabinets and themes amazed visitors at ICE

  • 17th February 2017 | Las Vegas, NV
  • Konami GamingThis year marked the ICE premiere of Konami’s expanded Concerto™ Collection of core slot machines with new cabinets, technology, and never-before-seen game themes. Last week in ExCeL London, more than 28,000 guests from around the globe were given first-hand access to Konami’s latest releases with a variety of new slot offering.

    Cabinets showcased by Konami include Concerto Slant™, Concerto SeleXion™ multi-game, Concerto Stack™ single screen, and Concerto Crescent™ single curved screen. Also Konami’s KP3+™ game library attracted strong support for a rich offering of base games, standalone progressives, and linked progressives available to international markets now and through the coming year.

    Selexion Volcanic RushFor the first time, Concerto Slant arrived at ICE 2017, equipped with a dual 27” HD game screens, but with a lower profile and relaxed-angle posture for player comfort and convenience. Konami’s showcase feature on Concerto Slant is a new progressive game called Cai Lai Si Ji, a 4-level standalone progressive bonus combines with a unique collection of custom base games including Wealth of Dynasty™, Winning Animals™, and Power of Riches™—each with brilliant Asian-style art elements.

    Konami’s popular SeleXion™ multi-game, also exhibited at ICE, is bringing the industry’s fastest game change speed to Concerto for the first time. With expanded memory and processing power, up to 10 different games themes can be featured on a single machine, as well as a progressive bonus. Concerto SeleXion is available for both standard Concerto upright and Concerto Slant.

    Visitors at ICE were able to experience an original new Xtra Reward feature from Konami, Savage Eyes™, the never-before-seen KP3+ game, Charmed Hearts™ and Scorching Stallion, a new Multiple Lines 4-5-5-5-4® game. Wheel of the Imperial Eggs™, Konami’s first KP3+ standalone progressive game for Concerto as well as its first original KP3+ linked jackpot bonus, Smash Smash Festival™ and Brothers of Fortune™, a new high performing linked progressive series also amazed visitors.

    This year’s ICE show marks the debut of Konami’s first single screen Concerto machines: the curved Concerto Crescent and the tall Concerto Stack. Both feature a stunning 43” high-definition vertical display, with signature Concerto highlights such as the unique side lighting element, sleek black finish, and digital topper options.

    Dragon Fury is among the original new debut themes that Konami displayed on Concerto Crescent and Concerto Stack during ICE. This is KP3+ platform game is a MultipleLines® 7-8-8-8-7 title with a unique bonus. Filled with a fascinatingly mysterious Egyptian theme, Pharaoh’s Fury is another 7-8-8-8-7 debut game for Concerto Crescent and Concerto Stack.

    Concerto SeleXionKonami’s Rapid Revolver™ video-mechanical hybrid machine has become a tour de force at casinos across the globe and continues to achieve a variety of creative gaming concepts. In lieu of the upper LCD screen, Rapid Revolver takes a unique spin on classic mechanical reels with six vertically stacked drums on its oversized top box, surrounded by synchronized high-impact sound and lighting. Guests at ICE 2017 saw new custom games like Moonlight Fox™ and standalone bonuses such as Volcanic Rush™ that can combine with SeleXion multi-game for a variety of base game options.

    Konami presented a number of new international games on its tall-top Podium Monument™ cabinet. Each Monument game is accompanied by an internally-lit, eye-catching custom bezel to help accent and enhance the cabinet’s 32” vertically-mounted upper LCD.

    The Treasure Falls™ is one of Konami’s newest standalone progressive games for Podium Monument, a 4-level mystery progressive, which provides pockets of fun to most any SeleXion multi-game package. Hammer Festival™ progressive spotlights a hammer-welding Amazonian monkey who knocks blocks from a colored stack of increasing cash prizes.

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