Caleta Gaming opens new office in Brazil and launch GP5

  • 25th October 2017 | London, UK
  • David Marcus, Caleta Gaming CEO, travelled to Brazil to celebrate the opening of the office with the official launch of the Caleta Gaming Platform HTML5 (GP5). The platform is designed and developed in house and, amongst other attributes, converts any game to HTML5 in a very short period of time.

    caleta-gaming-team300Fabiola Jaeger, Caleta Gaming COO, commented: “we were receiving substantial client requests to convert gaming content into HTML5 so we tasked our development team to build an automated conversion engine.”

    Paulo Nova, Caleta Gaming CTO added: “It took us around 6 months to build GP5 and I have no doubt we are headed in the right direction as Flash will soon be phased out.” Paulo added, “The GP5 is now fully operational and uses cutting edge technology creating in house HTML5 content”

    David Marcus also personally thanked well known Brazilian Architects, Ariana Nery and Mariana Garnica, for creating the perfect working environment.

    About Caleta Gaming
    Founded early 2013, Caleta Gaming is an international development company of technology and games for the social, real-play and land-based casino industries. With a Head Office in London, UK, and a Development and Marketing team based in Florianópolis, Brazil, the company is dedicated to work together with passion to deliver the best.

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