Casino Technology celebrates multiple installations in Asia

  • 18th May 2018 | Sofia, BG
  • casino-technology-lgShortly after completing multitude of successful installations in Southeast Asia, Casino Technology has already agreed further commitments for another big portion of placements in the region.

    Milo Borissov, Founder, Casino Technology President and CEO, commented: “As we are dedicated to the customers demands, we provide market tailored products for best operator`s results. We witness fabulous perception by players for the EZ MODULO™ slot machines on Southeast Asian market and due to the excellent performance of the slot already, there are many commitments made for more installations in the upcoming months”.

    ct-installations-asia300The modular and contemporary EZ MODULO™ with SPEED KING™ game suite outperform all other slots and show excellent results in Cambodian locations, where the machines were placed few months ago.
    “Soon SPEED KING™ will be released for the Philippine operators too, anticipating wide response. The game suite will be available in configuration as single game also”, further revealed Elena Shaterova, Global Sales Director at Casino Technology.

    For even more magnifying gaming thrill, Casino Technology has installations of GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY™ suite with the T3™ slot machine on the Asian market. Intended to cover the preferences of those who favor the slant top machines, is the bestseller and globally known Tangra™ slot machine, that has placements in Cambodian locations as well.

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