Casino Technology’ EZ MODULO™ lands in sunny Jamaica

  • 5th January 2018 | Sofia, BG
  • ct-lgCasino Technology has stepped firmly at the Caribbean region with the recent installation of the new line slot machine EZ MODULO™ in the Jamaica #1 Gaming Lounge. The contemporary machine with the exciting multigame SPEED KING™ now magnifies the vibrancy at the Treasure Hunt floor in the town of Montego Bay.

    ct-ez-modulo-jamaica300Designed and carefully selected for maximum players` satisfaction and operators` results, the Casino Technology’s game pack of 40 titles has proved successful once again by showing excellent results in the first weeks after installment.

    “We have the most awesome slots in the region and the EZ MODULO™ completion added to the entirety on the floor. We worked closely with Casino Technology to achieve the most diverse combination of games that now help us entertain a wide spectrum of players”, commented manager from the casino.

    Admired for its modern and convertible modular design concept with two full HD 27” monitors and built-in touch screen of the main monitor, optional 24” topper and convenient game selector, the EZ MODULO™ maintains a contemporary gaming floor environment.

    “The Casino Technology`s new line products meet the expectation for exciting play both for operators and clients in the region and we will continue to apply our experience for gaining even better results”, Martin Ivanov Business Development North America at Casino Technology.

    About Casino Technology
    Casino Technology is a leading international manufacturer of casino related products and equipment. With products recognised in more than 50 countries on 5 continents, The company’s brand is renowned as a synonym for quality, reliability and performance. At its 15th anniversary Casino Technology is demonstrating once again innovative spirit making the leap to converge its land-based expertise to online through its fully operational convergence platform delivered by the new corporate division, Casino Technology Interactive.

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