Cozy Games launches Wizard of Bingo

  • 8th December 2015 | London, UK
  • Cozy GamesCozy Games announces the launch of Wizard of Bingo, an innovative Bingo game variant based on elimination bingo theory. This latest addition to the Cozy Games, Wizard of Bingo is a 75 ball game that is simple yet engaging.

    Wizard of BingoFollowing the traditional pattern of ball call, there are intermittent appearance of the Wizard who curses a number and each cursed number takes away a lifeline from the tickets. Three curses from the Wizard would take all the lifelines ways and burn the ticket out.

    However, players can save tickets from burning with the help of Ruby Shoes that actually saves the lifelines of the tickets. There can be multiple winners in a single game and the player left with the maximum number of tickets bags the majority share of the prize amount, followed by the second highest and likewise. The game can have multiple winners and the player left with the maximum number of card bags the majority share of the prize money.

    This bingo title boasts a variety of exciting features. Players need to watch for the animated Wizard that comes with the cursed balls that kills lifelines. A player gets three lifelines in total for all tickets, so if they get three curses from the Wizard the ticket will burn. A Stealing Monkey also comes to steal a players’ ticket when landing on a full house.

    A Ruby Shoe is like a fairy’s wand that will protect a player from the wrath of the wizard. The tickets blessed with the Ruby Shoe are protected from Wizard’s curse that prevents them from burning out. The Ruby Shoe, however, is valid only for 5 ball calls and after that the tickets are vulnerable against the Wizard’s fury.

    Neeraj Jha, Cozy Games Director, commented: “Players love to try new games and at Cozy we have always come up with innovative game ideas. Wizard of Bingo is one such game that cuts from the regular run-of-the-mill games by using elimination bingo theory. The game is highly engaging and we hope our players will love the game play experience.”

    Wizard of Bingo is available across all sites under the Cozy Games umbrella, Live Bingo Network and Best Bingo Network. The game is currently available only for desktop users, however, will soon be available across mobile and tablets.

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