• 11th October, 2012 | St. Julian’s, MT | NeoGames – Instant Games
  • NeoGamesNeoGames, leading global provider of interactive instant win and lottery games, has signed a 7-year agreement with MSL Ukraine. Under the agreement, NeoGames will provide MSL with a wide and customised portfolio of instant win games for desktop and mobile devices.

    As part of the collaboration, NeoGames and MSL have undertaken a study of local market preferences, as well as MSL’s unique position in the market, in order to tailor-made a localised portfolio to meet the tastes of the various target demographic groups. In addition to the extensive game offering, NeoGames will closely cooperate with the lottery’s Marketing department to jointly create growth programs for the interactive instants and other categories.Cozy Games - Best Online Gaming SolutionsIlan Rosen, NeoGames CEO, commented: “We are proud to have been selected by a leading lottery, especially as MSL is showing constant growth. We were pleased to find another partner that shares our view that interactive lotteries can and should generate significant revenues to lotteries, as we do with all our other lottery customers. The Ukraine has an advanced technology infrastructure and we see our comprehensive mobile offering as playing a key role into the future of our relationship.”

    Evgeniy Vlasenko, CEO of MSL Ukraine, added: “Our fastest growing product segment is our scratch cards and therefore it was natural for us to seek the best partner in the market that can assist us to create a success in interactive games in that category. We were impressed, not only with the NeoGames product, but also from the vast experience of successful case studies they have in other markets. We are certain that the joint efforts of NeoGames portfolio and expertise, together with our marketing team that brings the local insight, will make this a success.”

    MSL Ukraine
    MSL is a Ukrainian state lottery operator. It is largest lottery operator in former CIS and one of the top operators in Eastern Europe. The company is the successor of famous Soviet state lottery Sportloto and has been the undisputed leader in Ukraine for more than 40 years. Since 1993, MSL is a member of the European Association of State and Toto lotteries and since 2013 is certified by European Standards of Responsible Gaming. MSL operates more than 7000 points of sales nationwide and employs more than 5000 members of staff.

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    Website: MSL.ua
    Linkedin: Linkedin.com/company/MSL-National-Lottery-Operator

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    NeoGames is a leading software and service provider that pioneered the global interactive scratch cards and lottery games. Since launching in 2005, the company has delivered the most comprehensive soft gaming solutions, which include the largest success-proven games portfolio combined with a robust backend platform and operational services. To meet the mass market demand for mobile gaming, NeoGames offers its most popular and entertaining scratch cards and instant win games on an advanced mobile platform, optimised for a wide variety of Smartphones and tablets.

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