EGT takes players on an epic quest in Egypt

  • 13th June 2018 | Sofia, BG
  • EGTAmong EGT’s most successful 4-level progressive jackpots is Egypt Quest. The game is available with 5 Reel 20- or 40-Line games with fixed maximum bet combined in a multi-game with a continuously growing library of game themes.

    Each of the Egypt Quest jackpot levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum can be won through the special Egypt Quest bonus game which is triggered by special Egypt Quest symbols or randomly during the base games and free spins. In the course of the eight Egypt Quest free spins, the player wins credits and collects special symbols “scroll”.

    Egypt QuestIn order to win one of the jackpot levels, the player needs to collect a certain amount of credits that exceeds a defined threshold and/or to collect 5 or more special symbols “scroll”. The thresholds are displayed on the 32” top monitor during the bonus game. If the player collects 5 or more special symbols “scroll” he can upgrade to and win the next jackpot level together with a certain amount of credits.

    The player may win each of the jackpot levels with any bet placed. However, the higher the bet in the base game, the better the chance to win the highest Platinum jackpot level.

    Several variants of Egypt Quest pay tables and selection of denomination enables the customization of the bank of Egypt Quest gaming machines.

    The Egypt Quest multi-games are presented in a thematically customized cabinet with a 24” wide screen main monitor and a 32” portrait-oriented top monitor. Attractive 3D movies and eye-catching celebration animations are projected on the jackpot panel with a 55” central monitor and two 32” side monitors. The cheerful atmosphere draws the players’ attention, increases the entertainment and prolongs the play.

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