Empire World City announces $200m casino in Cambodia

  • 21st April 2017 | Bavet, KH
  • Virtue Resources Corp has announced it will build a casino resort in Bavet City in Cambodia, close to Vietnam’s Moc Bai border crossing. With a total investment of US$200m, Empire World City will be a mega mix development project located in approximately 50 hectares, featuring a casino, hotel & resort, online casino hub, a commercial neighbourhood mall and a Water Show Arena.

    Bavet border“We going to kick start this project by starting the leverage work and we estimate by end of this year we can start the construction,” said Mr. Eric Empire World CEO. “We believe that the Empire World city will boost up the local economy by attract neighbouring Vietnamese into the city.”

    Empire World City is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. According to Mr. Chew, the Group CEO of Virtue Resources Corporation, the 50 hectares represents the first phase of Empire World City.

    “The total time for the development and completion of Empire World City will be 10 years,” commented Chew. “We are doing this mega project because we saw the potential of economic growth in Cambodia for the next 10 years.”

    Two memorandum of agreements were signed on April 13, including the one between the landlord of the 50-hectare land and Virtue Resources. Around 400 participants were invited from Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia to witness the signing ceremony.

    The mega project able will create at least 3,000 local jobs. We hope Empire World City could provide more working opportunities for locals,” added Chew.

    innovategaming.com | khmertimeskh.com