Gaming Arts – G2E 2018

  • September 2018 | Las Vegas, NV
  • Gaming Arts

    Gaming Arts debuts an array of transformative end-to-end gaming solutions at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2018 in Las Vegas. The Company is reinventing the casino floor with a multitude of unique and innovative video reel slot games, innovative progressives, high-denomination games, international multi-game products and more.

    Product lines on the Company’s stand include Super Games, Optima® Game Management Systems, Bingo Millions®, SuperPROMO™, Keno Millions®, Super Bingo™ Series, Ultimate Bingo™ Series, as well as its much-anticipated line of video slot machines.

    Pop N’ Pays™First-of-its-kind SuperBingo and Ultimate Bingo Slots deliver powerful and entertaining game mechanics and player-favorite features, including: frequently hitting bonuses and wins, multipliers, free games with retriggers, four-level progressives, multi-game options, bonus balls, and wheel bonuses. At G2E, Ultimate Bingo Slots demonstrate its progressive offering, which can be configured for individual and floor-wide progressives.

    At G2E, Gaming Arts debuts its inaugural Class III collection of innovative video reels, specifically designed to bring fun and excitement to the casino floor. The unique library consists of four series, including: Pop N’ Pays™, Da Fa Ba™, Dice Seeker™, and Casino Wizard™.

    The Pop N’ Pays, Da Fa Ba, and Dice Seeker series offer a new, optional mystery progressive feature called Rocket Rollup, with several themes available in high-denomination format. The multi-game Casino Wizard series, available with Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Craps games, replicate the play of live games and include exclusive and exciting side bet options to increase handle and hold.

    SuperPROMO is the world’s first casino-wide interactive promotional game system including four customizable mobile games which can be awarded to targeted players for virtually any type of promotion. These mobile promotional games are delivered to players by casino personnel on a mobile tablet and promoted across a casino’s digital enterprise to deliver an exciting and interactive social experience for the entire casino floor.

    Gaming Arts’ vast SuperGame library offers “life-changing jackpots” to increase attendance, player spend, and operational profitability for bingo operators across the country. The company funds the jackpots, reducing the overall liability for bingo operators.

    Super Gold Mine BingoBingo Millions is the world’s first and only $1 million linked bingo progressive and $1 million bingo games, all at no risk to the operator. With Bingo Millions, Gaming Arts funds the progressive awards to drive play and enthusiasm across any bingo environment.

    EZ Kiosk, the world’s only freestanding, self-service kiosk available that enables players to purchase and redeem keno tickets for up to 16 different games will also be displayed in Gaming Arts’ booth. This unique experience offers quick-pick betting, side-bet games, customizable bet amounts, and extensive game options. Its Optima® System offers the world’s most popular and robust keno game management system, which uses the latest technologies for managing any kind of “numbers-game” such as keno, bingo, and lottery across multiple locations.

    Mike Dreitzer, Gaming Arts President, said: “The Global Gaming Expo presents a fantastic opportunity for us to unveil the efforts made to enhance our entire product portfolio from the dual standpoints of content and technology. This includes our entrance into the slot sector with fresh and exciting games that players everywhere are sure to enjoy. We have remained exceptionally focused on our mission to become a true end-to-end content and technology provider to the global gaming industry. We look forward to showcasing our exciting lineup of products to our customers during G2E.”

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