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  • IGTUnveiled for the first time at G2E 2013, GTECH enlivens 3D on the slots like never before with Sphinx 3D™. The Egyptian-themed game debuts the GTECH True 3D™ product line and brings an unmatched effect to the three-dimensional gaming experience, without the need for additional eyewear. Sphinx 3D is the first product to launch under Spielo, since changing to a gaming product brand.

    Sphinx 3D™True 3D uses custom autostereoscopic technology, designed for GTECH by German engineering firm SeeFront. It uses integrated eye tracking to give images a great level of depth whilst maintaining full clarity and allowing users to move naturally in front of the display. Unlimited image resolution can be encapsulated in the technology and adds a new level of realism to the gaming industry.

    Stereoscopy is the common technique for creating the 3D effect. It works by presenting two offset images separately to the left and right eye of the user. As the human brain calculates the relative distances of various objects, manipulating the two-dimensional images and presenting a slightly different image to each eye gives the illusion of depth. The effect is achieved with special eyewear and can also be performed with glasses-free techniques, known as autostereoscopy.

    Autostereoscopic display technologies used in Sphinx 3D give life-like effects to the graphics by producing multiple views of the same scene and using optical components to spilt the images directionally into the viewer’s eyes. The integrated eye tracking system detects the player’s position and continuously adjusts the images accordingly to allow freedom of movement in all directions.

    This opens up a new world of possibilities in gaming, where it is unlikely 3D glasses would have become commonplace on the casino floor. GTECH showcases this exquisitely in Sphinx 3D bonus features and special wilds that stack on top of each other giving the impression of jumping out of the screen. Players are encouraged to spin the reels and enter one of seven exciting bonus rounds, two in the base game and five dedicated bonuses, part of the Sphinx Bonus selection, where they can interact with the 3D visual effects.

    Presented in the new GTECH AXXIS™ cabinet, the vibrant slot game is unmissable with an illuminated Sphinx head, themed side panels, ambient lighting and captivating audio that fully harmonize with gameplay. Designed to maximise comfort and absorb players into the 3D visuals, the cabinet creates a sense of personal space and individuality.

    AXXIS features a newly designed high resolution button panel with the latest touch-screen technology and customisable interfaces that complement the cabinet design.

    True 3D is assimilated in a 23” widescreen LCD display that combines state-of-the-art graphics and natural visuals, unfolding sharp 3D images with advanced colour resolution, fidelity and brightness. This sits beneath the eye-catching 39” portrait LCD cabinet with full HD resolution that illuminates any casino floor. Completing the slot experience is a multimedia chair that creates a new benchmark in ergonomic design with player-focused sound and rumble effects.

    GTECH Sphinx 3D™

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