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  • IGTIGT announced the Universal Game Adaptor at its annual Systems User Conference 2011 in Las Vegas. The device is a simple video slot add-on that enables any game manufacturer to certify and support Service Window functionality, without distorting a game’s behaviour.

    The technology provides an efficient and economic solution for casino operators to use IGT’s innovative Service Window on the gaming floor.

    IGT’s Service Window enables casino management to interact with players directly at the terminal in real-time. A window appears at the edge of the gaming screen and slides the game across, without effecting gameplay.

    The window is built in flash and operators are given a platform to produce branded content and custom-built applications. This gives the casino a one-to-one communication channel with consumers with a huge range of marketing and up-sale opportunities.

    Installation of the add-on device is a simple process without the need for any reconfiguration or rewiring. By ensuring the game manufacturer offers its own firmware and certification, the Service Window display can be fully supported by the original manufacturer.

    Universal Game Adaptor is currently exclusive to IGT terminals and can be sold to IGT Advantage® customers at the suggested retail price of $500 per terminal.

    The complete Service Window solution is then incorporated to UGA-ready machines at the initial price of $495 per terminal. This enables full Service Window compatibility at a market leading price of under $1,000.

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