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  • InterblockOrganic Live Roulette from Interblock’s G4 range of products brings a refreshing touch of class to the gaming floor. Available as a Double zero roulette with 38 fields or Single zero Roulette with 37 fields, the flamboyant product combines innovative design with state-of-the-art gameplay.

    Each terminal is referred to as a playstation and are all positioned around a central roulette wheel that can produce between 60 and 80 results an hour. The cylinder has three built-in sensors that calculate the velocity, direction of the ball and result of the game. Live data enables the dealer to adjust the speed of gameplay depending on players and peak times.

    Interblock Organic Live RouletteThe Organic Live is designed for 9 players, but also available in 6 and 12 playstation versions. Beneath the wheel lies a computer that relays information between the live roulette wheel and individual playstations.

    Players can place their bets effortlessly and graphical information is displayed such as live and previous results; minimum and maximum bets; the five most frequent numbers; and the number of games. Operators are able to pre-set which multi-denominations are active at selective periods.

    Each playstation houses a bright, crisp monitor with an easy-to-use interface that complements the product. A proximity sensor is equipped to each unit, which prolongs the lifetime of the monitors and keeps them in pristine condition. Ergonomically designed arm and footrests ensure a comfortable gaming experience each time a player sits at the system.

    Surrounding the roulette wheel is a glass dome to ensure the game cannot be tampered with, produce human error or chip fraud. Individual parts of the wheel are available in a selection of materials and colours to fit with various casino environments, including several types of wood and carbon fibre.

    Installed throughout international casinos, operators frequently comment about the distinct roulette wheel and electronic display attracting players to the game often forming queues to play. This is why Interblock is going from strength to strength and regularly releases new innovative electronic table games.

    Drawn to the innovative attraction that illuminates the casino floor, the Organic Live is easily recognised by the unique design and logo that serves as an RFID reader for authorised access.

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