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  • Slovenia-based Interblock pioneers holographic technology in the gaming industry with its innovative Hologram Gaming Lounge. Prepared to be enthralled as this revolutionary new concept could be the future of casino entertainment as we know it. First unveiled at G2E 2012 Las Vegas, the influential technology interwoven with Interblock’s unique casino ideologies, captures the heart and imagination of gaming.

    Interblock Hologram Gaming Lounge at G2E 2012As the industry moves ahead with slot machine innovations and combining player experiences with interactive mediums, Interblock switches gear on land-based gaming. A holographic projection system brings precisely crafted three-dimensional, full-colour moving images to life, creating the illusion of real dealers, live games and taking player interaction with gaming to an entirely new level.

    Displayed on stage in front of players, the incredibly realistic projections are linked with electronic table games to convey the action in a compelling new way. Dealers throw 3D dice and cards into the virtual sphere, matching up game-play in real-time. Enthralling animations surround the dealers propelling the audience into the future.

    “Interblock VIP Hologram Gaming Lounge set up in custom-built theatre layout is a platform, set to be the future of gaming entertainment,” expressed Tina Ferko, Interblock Head of Marketing. “We feel that these holographic dealers could be used to really bring a ‘dead’ part of any casino venue to life.”

    Interblock announced a partnership at G2E with UK-based Musion, world leader in holographic technology. The agreement gives the multiplayer gaming specialist the exclusive master global license to use Musion Eyeliner™ holographic technology on gaming floors.

    “By partnering with Musion, we helped demonstrate a spectacular high definition 3D holographic video project system which is perfect for gaming,” commented Joc Pececik, Interblock Chairman. “Interblock is privileged to have the exclusive license for hologram technology for gaming floors.”

    Effectively combining Musion Eyeliner technology with Interblock’s already impressive range of gaming products, the holographic gaming solution incorporates Interblock Playstation, Game Generator, Animation Generator, and can be used as a Player Information Display linked to existing Interblock gaming devices.

    Games that will become available on the Musion Interblock 3D system include Roulette, Sic Bo, Craps, Colour Craps, BlackJack, Baccarat, Big3Six, Pop’n Poker and Keno. In addition to its high-tech gaming functionality, the holographic video projection system enables casinos to display scheduled entertainment such as tournament announcements, jackpot winners and sponsored promotional content.

    Interblock Hologram Gaming Lounge at G2E 2012“With holographic technology, Interblock has created a professional, engaging gaming platform destined to be the future of gaming entertainment,” commented Ian O’Connell, Musion Director, “With Musion at its heart, players can enjoy an intimate, exciting experience that’s brought to life by a technology that is the definition of cutting-edge.”

    How it works
    The technology projects two-dimensional images into a three-dimensional stage set, creating the 3D illusion. A holographic effect is achieved through a modern day twist on a Victorian projection technique commonly known as ‘Pepper’s Ghost’. It works by using a stage and an adjacent hidden area where light is bounced off a concealed glass panel angled at 45 degrees, which projects an image onto the stage.

    Musion fuses the original concept with a modern commercial system that projects bright high-definition CGI onto thin metallic film, replacing the glass. A display or projected image is used rather than an adjacent room, which adds to the impression of images being live on stage, even when inspected at close range. The metallic film can be stacked to produce custom-sized projections for venues with limited space.

    Holographic technology diagram

    Eyeliner is protected by international patents including the US, Europe, Japan and South Korea. In general terms, the patents describe an inventive method to construct a stage allowing the projection of moving virtual images ‘floating’ on the stage. If successfully deployed by Interblock, casino resorts could setup systems throughout their gaming floors and excel the company as the industry’s leading innovator.

    Interblock Hologram Gaming Lounge at G2E 2012: