Bart Esposito defines FADJA as a must-attend trade show

  • 21st April 2017 | Malta
  • Sirplay continues to show big support for the Colombian and Latin American gaming market by exhibiting its wide range of sports betting software solutions at FADJA. Bart Esposito, Sirplay CEO, took a moment to explain the huge progress made by company in the region and to announces its future plans.

    Sirplay arrives to FADJA for the third consecutive year as one of the main sponsors, which proves how important is the show and the region for the company. According to Mr. Esposito, this year in particular, FADJA is a must-attend event as Sirplay will be proudly announcing the recently obtained GLI certification in the Colombian jurisdiction, as well as many more surprises.

    Bart EspositoInnovate Gaming: Which products will be Sirplay exhibiting at FADJA?

    Bart Esposito : At FADJA, Sirplay is going to present its new premium partners: Microgaming, known all over the world for its amazing casino games, and Playtech, another well-known name in the casino games providers. These two officially take part to our bigger and bigger family of partners. With these partnerships, we want to prove our willing to keep raising the standards, giving to our customers a wide range of choice. There will be another surprise regarding our booth, we are going to share our room with the first operator requesting the licence to Coljuegos, but to have more info and know who we are talking about you’ll have to come at FADJA, at our booth n.8.

    IG: Sirplay has shown big support for FADJA as one of its main sponsors. How important is the show for Sirplay?

    BE: This year will be our third time as FADJA’s sponsors. Considering this, you’ll easily understand how much we believe in this great event and how much it is important for us. Without mention that especially this year, our presence at the show is an obligation (in the pleasant meaning of the word) since the recent GLI certification in the Colombian jurisdiction. That’s been a very important stage for us, mostly considering the fact that other providers are still organising conventions, while an operator we are working with is the first to request the licence to Coljuegos. That’s an important proof of our concreteness as well as a huge source of pride.

    IG: Bearing in mind the rapid growth being experienced by the Colombian gaming industry, what are Sirplay’s plans for this market?

    BE: Sirplay has always cared about the development of the Countries it was working with and that’s what we will keep doing: this is our modus operandi and it won’t change. We have big plans in mind for Colombia, there is an investment plan ongoing that consists in strengthen the business on the territory and recruit Colombian employees. We want to find a synergy with the Country, not just despoil it as other providers usually do. Coljuegos made the first step, now it’s on us – providers and bookmakers all – to do the rest.

    Sirplay DFSIG: As you mentioned, Sirplay has just obtained the online gaming certification in Colombia from GLI. What are your expectations regarding the official launch of regulated online gaming in the country, expected this year?

    BE: As first sportsbook betting software provider to be certified by GLI in the Colombian jurisdiction we are confident in a big feedback from the market. The industry is experiencing an amazing growth in Colombia and our hope lies in the chances that a huge change like this can bring; improving and pushing the economy of a Country wrongly underestimated.

    IG: Which sectors currently represent the main business opportunities for Sirplay in the Colombian gaming market?

    BE: Sirplay’s main core business remains its in-house SBS, Sports Betting Software. Since the beginning, we have always worked to improve our betting software listening to our clients’ needs and requests. That’s always been our strategy and we’ll keep following this path that for us represents an oath too.

    IG: What other plans does Sirplay have in the Latin American region this year?

    BE: The big step made by Coljuegos in the Colombian jurisdiction makes us confident for the whole region. Of course, what mentioned before about Colombia works for the entire Latin America too. We’d like to share our vision with all providers and bookmakers: running the market with the willing to create richness, wellness and jobs in the territory. A cycle like this could really change the region economy, becoming a positive round that brings benefits to everybody. We’d love to be able to start the same mission in Venezuela and Bolivia too, maybe in due time.

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