JCM’s PayCheck 4™ thermal printer storms the US market

  • business | 8th Feb, 2012 | Las Vegas | PayCheck 4™ RIDE WITH THE WINNER – Video
  • JCM GlobalPerhaps the only thing faster than the print speed of JCM Global’s award-winning PayCheck 4™ thermal printer is the speed at which it has gained market share.

    Nine months ago, the PayCheck 4™ started getting all necessary OEM and regulatory approvals and hoping to secure possible traction in the highly competitive gaming market.

    With the product’s performance, and with the JCM name and sales team behind it, JCM expects the PayCheck 4™ to be installed in 40 percent of the games in North America casinos openings in 2012.

    Mark Henderson, JCM Global VP of Sales, said, “When we first became familiar with the PayCheck 4 printer, we instantly recognized its potential, because it is the fastest, smartest and toughest printer we have seen…

    …We rebranded it as a JCM product, and through our sales team and our network of distributors, we introduced it to customers across North America. The response was immediate, because people know quality when they see it,”

    The new PayCheck 4™ has numerous advantages over competitive products. First, PayCheck 4™ is the fastest printer in the industry, printing and presenting a complete ticket twice as fast as competitive printers.

    Next, has the most standard memory of any printer in the gaming industry, giving operators more power and flexibility to communicate directly with their customers.

    Last, PayCheck 4™ is the longest-lasting printer in the industry, with a print head that lasts twice as long as any competitive product, with an average life span of 640,000 slot-type tickets.

    “PayCheck 4 is a perfect complement to our award-winning line of products that we have designed for today’s gaming industry, including the iVIZION® bill validator and the new Intelligent Cash Box (ICB®) system with web reports. The suite of products, combined with our superior service, clearly sets JCM Global apart from all other companies.” Henderson said.

    About JCM Global
    JCM Global is the world’s leading supplier of innovative automated transactions solutions for the banking, gaming and retail industries. With unsurpassed service and support, JCM Global is trusted by operators, manufacturers and integrators on six continents.

    Its extensive line of award-winning products set global standards with ground-breaking products like the iVIZION®, Universal Bill Acceptor (UBA®) and Vega-RC™ bill validators, Intelligent Cash Box (ICB®) and PayCheck 4™ thermal printer.

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