Juegos Miami 2019 delivers on C-Level pledge

  • June 2019 | Miami, US
  • The 2019 of Juegos Miami hosted senior industry professionals, government officials and regulators from 35 countries, which included 19 Latin American nations. The community of delegates, of which 70 percent were final decision makers, were part of an event which lived up to its ‘Where networking means business’ slogan.

    “A text book example of delivering C-Level engagement of the highest calibre” is how Kate Chambers, Managing Director of Clarion Gaming, described the event. “I think this year more than any other, the emphasis was on delivering quality connections between operators, games creators and regulators.”

    ClarionThe Juegos Miami Country Roundtables were once again offered at the event and well-attended with decision makers from throughout the LatAm and Caribbean regions, The Roundtables covered Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Paraguay, Puerto Rico and Uruguay.

    “Our commitment is to build a sympathetic environment in which all stakeholders have the opportunity to sit down and discuss issues of great importance face-to-face,” said Chambers. “Significant industry events, whatever their size, share one thing in common and that’s the chemistry that exists between the various stakeholder groups. Juegos Miami has always delivered in that sense due to the fact that the industry has played and continues to play such an important role in its development.”

    Miguel Ochoa, AIEJA (Mexican Gaming Association) President, who served as non-executive Chairman of Juegos Miami 2019, said: “Juegos Miami was created by Clarion Gaming in partnership with the industry active throughout Latin America. Significantly, Clarion did not simply pay lip service to this consultation, but instead listened to, and acted on, the issues that were important to the LatAm industry. The result of working with the market in this way has been a professional business event tailored to meet specific and very important needs.”

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