Youbetme debuts first mobile-social betting platform

  • 29th October, 2013 | San Francisco, US | Youbetme – Download App
  • Social Bet Inc launches Youbetme, the first comprehensive mobile-social betting platform designed to turn daily events into betable moments and capitalise on the consumer desire to bet on anything, anywhere, anytime. Youbetme supports the latest iOS versions, including iOS7, and soon Android mobile devices and tablets.

    YoubetmeYoubetme uses SMS or native iOS to enable friends to place friendly wagers, “virtual handshakes”, on anything from World Series predictions, a round of golf with a friend, Dancing with the Stars winners, the arrival of the next royal baby, or the outcome of a beer pong game.

    Jason Neubauer, Social Bet CEO, commented: “People have been wagering since the beginning of time. Our goal is to make betting among friends more fun, easy and social. While we’re at it, we aim to capitalise on the $100 billion mobile betting market, along with the booming social network and mobile app economies.”

    Serving as a universal one-stop platform for social media enabled players, Youbetme incorporates peer-to-peer text message betting. It includes real-time Las Vegas sports lines, Facebook integration, a patent-pending QuickBet via SMS, custom betting, the ability to add spectators to increase the social quotient, and more.

    Reed Shaffner, Ironfire Capital Associate Partner and adviser to Social Bet, added: “There are a lot of firsts with this product that are very promising. First, Youbetme uniquely focuses on the social storyline aspect of betting, rather than on the transaction itself, taking betting back to its original purpose of good clean fun. Second, its SMS deployment is far superior to the more-common push notification approach. Finally, its dynamic back-end captures and crunches user demographics and betting topics, providing brand partners, advertisers and market data companies with unprecedented behavior and targeting solutions.”


    About Social Bet
    San Francisco-based Social Bet Inc. was founded on the premise that any occasion can be turned into a social bet. Its flagship product, Youbetme was designed make casual betting easier and more enjoyable, encouraging camaraderie and fun among friends. It is the first mobile-social betting exchange that lets you bet on anything, from anywhere.

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