MGA presents international IP title Flash Gordon

  • January 2019 | Barcelona, ES
  • MGA Games brings the iconic 1930s science fiction character Flash Gordon to online operators in Spain, featuring excellent graphics and high-quality animations. The Triple View feature improves usability and adaptive menus allow play from any device, recreating the settings of this great classic in each mini-game.

    Flash GordonThe IP title Flash Gordon has been added to MGA’s catalogue of online slots. The star of the latest release designed by the Spanish company maintains the creative line of games based on characters with IP, as with the successful Chiquito, Manolo el del Bombo and Barragán slots.

    This time MGA has based its game on a famous figure who is easily recognized globally, both in Spain and around the world. Flash Gordon, the classic comic book superhero who saves the world from villains and evil-doers, became one of the most important icons in popular culture, and the character has been adapted numerous times for film and television.

    MGA turns players into true heroes. Through the philosophy of immersive gaming, users dive fully into the story and experience the same adventures as Flash and his friends. The four original, attractive mini-games included in the game take players through the realms of Mongo, the forests of Arboria and the flying city of the Hawkmen, where they can continue to win prizes.

    Flash Gordon is, once again, proof positive of MGA’s special dedication to the mobile versions of their games. This release was created with HTML5 technology and offers graphics with Triple View, three different viewing modes, making it possible to see the games perfectly in any position and on any device (PC, tablet or phone). Product loading results are also excellent on mobile devices.

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