NOVOMATIC – Panther Roulette™

Following in the footsteps of its hugely successful predecessor, Pinball Roulette™, Novomatic re-launches its distinctive and compelling pinball technology in the high-calibre Panther Roulette™ I and II. The single player game uniquely blends the essence of roulette with classic arcade pinball, delivering a new and immersive gaming experience.

The latest title derives its name from Slovenia-based Panther Gaming, inventor of the technology, which became part of the Novomatic Group of Companies in 2010. After feedback responding to Pinball Roulette in the market for little over a year, Panther Roulette I and II offer the game with added features in new eye-catching cabinets. The game is now housed in three distinct varieties, giving casinos the option to include the original concept as part of any product mix.

Panther RoulettePlayers take on the role of the casino, acting as both the croupier and punter. A traditional pinball mechanism is pulled back and launches the ball into the roulette wheel, bringing a new dimension to the traditional casino game with dramatic effect. Players are given a sensation of influencing the outcome of the game and can activate each spin at their own pace.

“It’s been tremendous how people are receiving [Pinball Roulette] and how they love to be croupier and player at the same time,” commented Max Lindenberg, Novomatic Marketing & Business Development Manager, “as they themselves, can shoot the ball into the roulette wheel using a mechanical pinball mechanism.”

Panther Roulette builds on the popular game with new features and enhanced design. An Auto-Start button has been placed on the right side of the hand rest, for increased player comfort. It offers an alternative option to initiate play and place rounds of bets in quick succession. The touchscreen main monitor has been upgraded to a 24” TFT display and Panther Roulette II additionally features a second 32” full HD screen on top of the machine with Flip Screen™ functionality.

Panther Roulette II comes complete with a comprehensive multi-game suite of 23 high-definition video slot games, which is also an option for Panther Roulette I. Player-favourite classic and new Novomatic titles such as Sizzling Hot, Dolphin’s Pearl, Marilyn’s World and American Poker can provide a refreshing break from roulette and be played directly at the terminal.

Panther Roulette™ features:

.: Innovative Pinball launching mechanism
.: Auto-Start button
.: 24” TFT touch-screen monitor
.: Extra 32” monitor with Flip Screen (Panther Roulette II)
.: Illuminated Roulette wheel;
.: Bill and coin acceptors;
.: Electromechanical counters;
.: TITO- and online systems- ready;
.: Multi-language options.

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