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  • ICE Totally Gaming 2012 | 9th Feb, 2012 | Austria | Novomatic – Product Catalogue
  • After a tenure of over 20 years that touched three consecutive decades, London’s iconic Earls Court closed its doors on an exhibition that, more than any other event, has helped to shape the landscape of the international gaming industry. And, has long been traditional, Novomatic led the way with a stunning combination of scale, style and innovation.

    Breaking with recent tradition Novomatic chose not to pre-announce the array of new products that would pack the company’s huge booth at ICE:Novomatic MARILYN™
    Three cabinet innovations: NOVO LINE™ Curve, NOVO LINE™ INTERACTIVE and Super-V+ Gaminator® III;
    19 new Coolfire™ II games including 5 hot Marilyn specials;
    13 new NOVO LINE™ games for both INTERACTIVE (stand-alone) and VLT applications;
    2 brand new Mystery Progressive Jackpots: MARILYN™ and RISE OF THE DRAGON™;
    Premium-V+ Gaminator® multi-game concept for Coolfire™ II;
    NOVO LINE™ INTERACTIVE and NOVO LINE™ VLT multi-game concept for NOVO LINE™;
    NOVO LINE Novo Unity™ II slot mix no. 2;
    Novo TouchBet® Live-Roulette Double Action™;
    Tiger Roulette®

    Novomatic were already on the crest of a wave, having announced unconsolidated statistics that, with Group turnover during 2011 of more than €3 billion, strongly suggested that this was the Austrian gaming giant’s best year ever.

    The achievement had already been recognised before the show opened its doors: Novomatic being honoured as gaming’s ‘Best Manufacturer of the Year’ at the inaugural ‘Totally Gaming Awards’.

    New Cabinets
    NOVO LINE™ Curve
    This brand new upright cabinet innovation features a special curved monitor for a reel display in true authentic ‘reel feel’ style.

    The NOVO LINE™ Curve supports a growing number of video slot single games of which the first nine were presented at ICE including classics Book of Ra™ deluxe and Lucky Lady’s Charm™ deluxe.

    Super-V+ Gaminator® III and NOVO LINE™ INTERACTIVE cabinet
    These new machines feature next generation cabinet technology for the top performing Novomatic gaming platforms and systems: Coolfire™ II and NOVO LINE™. Extra wide screens for an in-depth gaming experience, elegant style and top quality design.

    New Games – Coolfire™ II
    New and exciting games are a Novomatic watchword. No less than 19 new games made their debuts at ICE and featured a wide range of themes and attractions. AGI’s Coolfire™ II games combine innovative gaming concepts with outstanding game play and leading-edge technology.

    The proven international popularity of these games is further based on superb graphics and great sound impact that guarantee a thrilling gaming experience for guests. The Coolfire™ II game repertoire is available in a growing range of Super-V+ Gaminator® and Premium-V+ Gaminator® multi-game mixes.

    Premium V+ Gaminator® – Multi-Game Mix 1
    The ultimate POS concept for operators to create & control their premium gaming floor. With 5 categories comprising a total of 41 games the Premium-V+ Gaminator® is guaranteed to cover the preferences of all guests. Operators can group & arrange, activate & deactivate, choosing from the best.

    5 different games categories for different guest preferences:
    – Classic Lines: 10 of the top Novomatic video slot all-stars;
    – Multi-Lines: 10 best-performing 20-line games for more entertainment on more lines;
    – Power Lines: 4 powerful 40-liners for thrilling action;
    – Fruits: 10 easy fast-paced fruit games creating a volatile gaming experience;
    – Specials: 7 games including Poker, Roulette, Bingo and two video slot extravaganzas;
    – All games and/or categories are individually selectable per machine by the operator;
    – Quick & easy control via the operator menu to create an adaptive gaming offering.

    Novomatic MultiplayersNew Games – NOVO LINE™
    – NOVO LINE™ INTERACTIVE (server-based ready)
    – NOVO LINE™ VLT (Video Lottery Terminals),
    – NOVO LINE™ NUII (Novo Unity™ II)
    The innovative NOVO LINE™ system comprises all aspects of modern server-based gaming in unison.

    NOVO LINE™ INTERACTIVE is the innovative stand-alone gaming solution, server-based-ready for a later plug ‘n’ play interconnection into the NOVO LINE™ VLT system. In all, 13 new NOVO LINE™ INTERACTIVE and NOVO LINE™ VLT games were presented at ICE.

    NOVO LINE™ INTERACTIVE / VLT – Multi-Game Mix 1 is the ultimate POS concept and comprises a total of 25 games the NOVO LINE™ INTERACTIVE / VLT mix is guaranteed to cover the preferences of all guests.
    Operators can group & arrange, activate & deactivate, choosing from the best.

    NOVO LINE Novo Unity™ II allows the operator to link any chosen number of terminals to different games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Bingo, Black Jack, Poker and Sic Bo as well as a great slot games offering within one installation.

    The innovation offers numerous advantages, including a future proof infrastructure through its innovative server architecture and the integration into the comprehensive NOVO LINE™ system.

    Novo TouchBet® Live-Roulette Double Action™, powered by NOVO LINE Novo Unity™ II, is Novomatic’s electronic Roulette offering an amazing unique variation of the traditional game of Roulette with available odds up to 1,200 : 1.

    The special Double Action™ Roulette wheel features two counter-rotating number rings, each with a traditional set of numbers situated in opposing order. Each spin of the wheel generates two winning numbers, one on the inner ring and one on the outer ring.

    With the new TCS Infinity Auto Dealer the range of Novomatic Electronic Card Games was extended with two further game variants Novo Multi-Black Jack™ and Novo Multi-Baccarat™. This fully automated card shoe innovation enables AGI to offer its customers the brand new Novo Multi-Black Jack™ and Novo Multi-Baccarat™ for which a standard deck of real cards are automatically drawn.

    MARILYN JACKPOT™ is a 4-level mystery progressive jackpot starring the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Glittering glamour and sparkling memories of Hollywood’s unforgettable blonde set the scene (ably assisted at ICE by troupe of Marilyn lookalike performers) for grand jackpot wins. The MARILYN™ jackpot theme is available for all types of SAS protocol equipped machines.

    RISE OF THE DRAGON™ is a Mystery Progressive Jackpot launched in conjuction with the ‘Year of the Dragon’. When the mighty dragon rises he brings luck, wealth and fortune. In this gripping 4-level mystery progressive jackpot he commands the four elements: fire, metal, earth and water. RISE OF THE DRAGON™ is available for all types of SAS protocol equipped machines.

    In combination with the 5-line video game, JACKPOT CROWN™ is a progressive jackpot awarding five levels of truly regal wins and specially designed for AGI’s NOVO LINE™ platform.

    In all, Novomatic enjoyed a sensational final ICE year at Earls Court.

    Jens Halle, AGI Managing Director, said, “This has been a tremendous ICE-Totally Gaming. We can all feel somewhat nostalgic about this being the last gaming industry show to be held at Earls Court but we have so much to look forward to as we move to ExCel next year…

    …We all must undertake a period of educating and informing our customers about the new venue and the new date: it is a process that, for Novomatic, starts right now and it will usher in a new period of growth; not just for the show but also for the great industry that it represents.”

    Novomatic ICE Totally Gaming 2012 Exhibition Stand

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