PlayScreen launches Playscreen Poker 2 for iOS devices

  • Social | 5th October, 2012 | BALTIMORE, US | PlayScreen Poker 2 – Mobile App
  • PlayScreenPlayScreen is making another big bet on Texas Hold‘em Poker with PlayScreen Poker 2 for the iPhone and iPod touch, and PlayScreen Poker 2 HD for the iPad, both released this week in the App Store. Utilising stunning Retina Display graphics and social features, PlayScreen Poker 2 offers mobile gamers a realistic poker experience unlike any other on iOS.

    PlayScreen Poker 2 is free to download and play and follows PlayScreen Poker, which launched in 2011. Like the original game, players start with $20,000 in FREE chips, which can be used to play live against opponents from all over the world. Free chips are awarded daily, or can be earned by winning hands, which unlocks achievements.

    The game introduces new social features. Players can easily create ‘groups’ of friends and then use this list to track and compare stats and achievements. Another new feature is that players can invite friends to join them without having to leave the hand they’re in—let alone the table itself. Players who would rather host their own games can now create private tables with friends.

    PlayScreen Poker 2“Poker is naturally social. With PlayScreen Poker 2, we wanted to make joining and creating games lightning quick, just like in real-life,” said Sherri Cuono, PlayScreen CTO, “But we didn’t settle for a multiplayer update, PlayScreen Poker 2 HD for the new iPad offers a quantum leap in graphics thanks to AAA, console-like Retina support, and the best interface design in the business.”

    William Volk, PlayScreen CCO, added, “Not one aspect of PlayScreen Poker 2 was overlooked. We knew we had to go ‘all-in’ to compete against the likes of Zynga—so we listened to our player base and made sure to include the best social features, graphics, and gameplay money can buy. Players will notice the difference immediately.”

    Key features of PlayScreen Poker 2:

    – Authentic Texas Hold ‘em Poker;
    – Beautiful, high-res Retina graphics;
    – A much faster load time, for players to join or create a game in seconds;
    – Invite friends to join you at a table—without leaving the game;
    – Support for private tables—including Facebook invites, emails, iOS push-messages;
    – In-game messages, and even text messages;
    – A new, innovative and interactive, main menu;

    Added are also new wealth items to purchase with players’ winnings—including luxury items that are exclusive for limited amounts of time.

    With full Retina Display support on the iPad, graphics on PlayScreen Poker 2 HD reach new heights for a poker game. Better yet, the game’s cloud-based login system allows players to seamlessly jump back and forth between the iPad and iPhone versions.

    Building up wealth and status as a professional Texas Hold ‘em Poker player is emphasized in the game’s unofficial Career Mode. Players can accumulate wealth and track their progress—strengthening their poker skills while racking up victories.

    The game now makes it possible to become a virtual poker star, including the thrill of acquiring luxurious objects ‘Wealth Items’ which can be bought with chip winnings. Such items are often rotated in and out of the game, so players must be sure to pick them up while stocks last!

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    From the very first iPhone game, even before the App Store was an app store, PlayScreen, LLC has been committed to creating the best in mobile, casual, and social games. We strive to stay ahead of the curve with a single focus: the players. We are gamers and veteran developers who combine strong design and gameplay with the elusive “fun factor.”

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