Konami – Riches with Daikoku Triple Sparkle™

  • Release: April 2018
  • Konami GamingKonami presents Riches with Daikoku Triple Sparkle™ its latest 4K-resolution game featured on the Concerto Opus cabinet. The legendary Japanese god of wealth and guardian of farmers is larger than life with pin-sharp 4K pop and precision.

    Riches with Daikoku Triple Sparkle™The company world premiered Daikoku Triple Sparkle™, which has options for standalone and linked progressive configurations, as part of the 4K game themes at NIGA 2018.

    Riches with Daikoku is back with a bang as players discover 4 exciting jackpot levels, an enchanting Triple Sparkle Feature, and a 5-figure Maxi award. Any 2 or more full-reel Free Game symbols trigger up to 40 free games, with nudging wild symbols. Riches with Daikoku Triple Sparkle offers multi-denom options, and can be configured as a standalone or linked progressive.

    Konami’s Concerto Opus boasts an extra-large 65” 4K ultra HD display, featuring a super-sized format that makes every win an incredible celebration for players and pairs. Each machine features a custom-lighted TouchDash™ button deck with dual spin buttons and cup holders, as well as an optional USB charger.

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