SuzoHapp – AGE 2018

  • August 2018 | Sydney, AU
  •  SUZOHAPPSuzoHapp extends a warm invitation to visit Stand #470 at the Australian Gaming Expo 2018 in Sydney. Visitors meet the Australian team and get the latest information on SuzoHapp’s extensive portfolio of solutions for the Gaming industry.

    At AGE 2018, SuzoHapp is excited to introduce new innovations to the Australian market. The Nanoptix advanced printing solutions are proudly presented for the very first time, including the PayCheck NextGen, the PayCheck Terminal and the PayCheck 4. The brand new 27” Touchscreen Kiosk is also in the spotlight. This solution offers an optional LED display and is fitted with a Nanoptix HSVL Advance Thermal Printer.

    suzohapp-age18-300Further innovations include the DPS (Dynamic Panel System) featuring PKT technology which takes touchbutton technology to the next level, as well as the CashComplete™ SDS-35, the Smart Deposit System that secures cash and prevents shrinkage and counterfeits. A special focus will be put on the range of VisionPro LCD slot machine screens which are available for most EGM models and in a range of sizes.

    Also on show, the SCAN COIN desktop solutions, including the SC-8220, the DTC-2, the SC-303 and the SC-360. Comestero Easy Pro and Twin Jolly Pro, the best-selling change machines, will also be presented at AGE.

    For coin-in, show attendees see the Comestero RM5 electronic coin mechanism that offers excellent coin discrimination and market-leading anti-fraud technology. For coin-out, they appreciate the advantages of a variety of hoppers. For banknote validation and recycling, the MFL banknote reader and the Bill-to-Bill 300™ recycler will be highlighted.

    Peter Noye, SuzoHapp APA Vice President of Commercial & Strategy, said: “The AGE is a perfect networking event, giving us the chance to show our innovative approach to the industry. Come visit us and discover how our solutions can support and improve your business.”

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