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  • TCS JohnHuxley has introduced the EL LuminAR™ roulette table surface using innovative ElectroLuminescene (EL) technology. The table surface is visually impressive and can be incorporated into all shapes and sizes of roulette table. Winning sections of the table are illuminated using a bright ElectroLuminescene light source, adding a completely new dimension to table play.

    TCS JohnHuxley EL LuminAR™The paper thin electroluminescent surface emits light evenly through the table layout and produces a soft but effective lighting effect over the entire surface, with a multi-coloured options. Enhancing the visibility of winning sections using light heightens the level of excitement of existing games and also gives pit bosses and security staff improved surveillance of table play.

    The ElectroLuminescene (EL) technology emits light in response to the passage of an electric current and allows panels to become almost unbreakable and they can be bent into shape around circular objects. The EL Luminar™ table surface is between 0.25mm and 0.5 in thickness and flexible in design,therefore the system can be retro-fitted into almost any existing table.

    The release of the EL LuminAR™ closely follows the new range of EL promotional panels launched by TCS JohnHuxley at ICE in January. These panels use the same technology and are a great innovative way of marketing on the casino floor.

    Casinos now have a new creative way for placing marketing messages on illuminated panels with customization in terms of size, shape, colour and sequence. In addition, the Electroluminescent technologies used in the table surface and panels have a low power intake, consuming between 75-90 percent electricity than alternative lighting technologies.

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