Win Systems completes largest-ever CMS migration

  • 28th January 2014 | Mexico City, MX
  • WinWin Systems completes the largest Casino Management System (CMS) migration in the gaming industry to date by installing WIGOS©, it’s Casino Management System, to all of The Codere Group’s 82 casinos in Mexico in just six months.

    After weeks of dedicated work, Win Systems successfully completed the implementation of WIGOS in December. It’s Casino Management System was installed at 82 Casinos operated by Codere in Mexico, it’s largest operator – connecting without incident more than 17,000 terminals throughout the country, providing the operator with a fast, dynamic, and reliable technical solution for many years to come.

    WinWin Systems’ WIGOS simplifies casino management with a user-friendly design that’s easy to configure for maximum operational efficiency. WIGOS is built for growth and has no restrictions on the number of statistical and financial reports, and software updates that are performed remotely without interfering with any activity – WIGOS’s reliability is such, that operators experience neither interruptions nor downtime.

    With the installation of its CMS for the Codere Group, Win Systems further strengthens its market-leader position in Mexico’s demanding market, where it connects today over 40,000 gaming machines in 150 casinos. All the while, Win continues its market expansion into Latin America, the United States, Asia, and the Caribbean.

    Eric Benchimol, Win Systems CEO, commented: “We are thrilled with the work we’ve done; the migration of the 82 Casinos was done in record time. Our competitor’s proposal set out to perform the same migration in a period of 5 years. A project like this is never easy but we have worked with CODERE’s excellent technical and operations team and the migration process has gone very satisfactorily.”

    Carlos Sanz, Codere Mexico Director of Technology, added: “WIGOS System is a platform on which we hope to consolidate our operations in Mexico, due to the opportunities it offers in terms of the unification and business development functionality at national level. It also allows us the fulfillment of new federal rules on reporting to authorities.

    About Win Systems
    Win Systems is a global technology provider for the gaming and entertainment industry, software, networks, systems and services for online lottery, gaming devices and server based video lottery terminals. WIN offers a full range of technology services, including design, programming, installation, operation and maintenance of its systems.

    Win Systems has over 20 years of experience in the management of high availability systems and real-time critical operations. Its main products are: MULTIGAME ©, the Land-Based Lottery System; LYKOS ©, your Electronic Instant Lottery system – EIL; WINGS © Video Lottery System – VLT’s, and WIGOS ©, Casino Management System – CMS, and WIN GAMES © an extensive library of games.

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    About Codere
    Codere is a Spanish multinational company reference in the private gaming sector with a presence in eight countries in Europe, Spain and Italy, and Latin America – Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Uruguay and Brazil. The company, which employs 19,400 people, is the only company that is publicly traded in Spain. Currently it operates 53,983 gaming machines, 178 casinos, 1,457 sports betting points, and participates in the management of 4 racetracks. It operates and develops online games in Italy where it has valid licenses for that purpose.

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