• Red Rake Gaming – Tiger and Dragon
  • A powerful white tiger and a fearsome dragon watch over the latest online video slot from Red Rake Gaming, Tiger and Dragon. The 6×10 reel slot game is brimming with awesome features and millions of prize modes.

    Red Rake GamingPlayers challenge the powerful tiger and fearsome dragon with each spin in order to get hold of all the prizes they guard in ancient China. Tiger and Dragon is an extremely dynamic slot where the awarded symbols shift down following each spin, triggering a re-spin and giving way to new symbols.

    A striking side panel featuring the BONUS word gives place to a Free Spins phase. This panel is activated letter by letter with each winning spin and keeps adding free spins if the player achieves five or more re-spins in the same spin. If five connected re-spins are not achieved, the panel resets to zero and the player starts all over again.

    The climax of the game is the free spins phase where the player can obtain endless multipliers that increase with each re-spin. If the free spins phase total prize is lower than x10, the player gets six additional spins. Non-winning spins also receive prizes, accumulated as a percentage that grows in the additional side panel, activating the Tiger and Dragon Roulette Minigame.

    In the Roulette Minigame, the player chooses between the tiger and the dragon and, if they get it right, the resulting multiplier is added allowing them to play up to x100.